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Parent and Family Engagement

Forest City - Dunbar Elementary School
Parent & Family Engagement Policy

Our goal at Forest City - Dunbar Elementary School is to educate every student well.  We believe that the best way to do that is for schools to partner with parents and the community to help children learn. Parents are a critical factor in the educational process. They are a child’s first teacher.  Research has shown that children whose parents are involved in their education perform better academically and socially.  Students are more likely to thrive in school when their parents talk to them about the importance of education, communicate regularly with teachers and other school staff, and foster good study habits at home.  At Forest City - Dunbar, we encourage parents to be involved in a variety of ways. We want parents to feel comfortable and welcome at our school. Listed below are some opportunities we provide to keep parents informed and engaged. 

      • Open House Events
      • Grade Level Parent Engagement Events
      • PTO
      • Parent-Teacher Conferences
      • Parent Education Newsletters (Home-School  Connection)
      • School Webpage
      • School Facebook Page
      • Parent Advisory Council
      • School Messenger Calling System
      • Email Communication
      • Teacher Newsletters/Notes
      • Student Planners/Homework Folder
      • Report Cards
      • Progress Reports
      • Parent Handbook
      • Parent Representatives on School Improvement Team
      • Surveys
      • Adult ESL Classes
      • Parent Resource Room
      • Special Events (Spring Festival, Musical Performances, Talent Show, Field Day)