Announcements May 10 - 14, 2021

This week our district technology department will conduct checks for damages and missing parts on all student iPads.  We will be keeping all face-to-face students' iPads at school beginning Monday, May 10.  Face-to-face learners will not take their iPads home any longer for the remainder of this school year beginning May 10.  Face-to-face students should bring their iPad, charger box, and charger cable with them to school tomorrow May 10.  
Remote only learners may bring their iPad, charger box, and charger cable to school on either Tuesday, May 11 or Thursday, May 13 between the hours of 8:30-3:00 to be checked for damages.  Please come to the front entrance of the school to have the iPad and parts checked by our technology staff.  These checks are required, so please make every effort to bring the device and parts to school on either Tuesday or Thursday this week.
Any damaged item can be repaired or replaced at no cost as long as the damaged device or part is brought to school.  However, any missing items will have to be paid for.  Keep in mind that this also includes incorrect, non-issued Apple cables.  Aftermarket cables and any charger cable not identical to the one originally issued will not be accepted in place of the original cable.  Invoices to pay for any missing items will be issued to parents following this device check.
Beginning Monday, May 10, Rutherford County Schools will issue a link to an application to register students for remote only learning for the 2021-22 school year.  This opportunity is offered in order for the district to plan for the possibility that the state may require remote learning to be offered by local school districts. The application will provide specific details for criteria for eligibility to enroll in remote learning next school year.  Be aware that there are more specific requirements for eligibility to enroll in a remote only learning program next year and enrollment is dependent on the state's requirement for local districts to offer remote learning next school year.  Look for a link to the application on the RCS website and our school's social media.   This application will remain open from May 10 - May 28.
Tuesday, May 11 is Field Day for PreK-2nd grades.
Wednesday, May 12 is Field Day for 3rd-5th grades.
End of Grade Testing is scheduled for May 18-20.  5th Grade Science EOG will be Tuesday, May 18.  3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Reading EOG will be Wednesday, May 19.  3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Math EOG will be Thursday, May 20.  Face-to-face and Remote Only students are scheduled to test these dates.  Remote Only students are required to take the EOG test on-site at school.
If your child received an invitation to either the full-day summer school program or the Young Scholars Summer program and you are interested in him/her attending, please return the form as soon as possible.
Reminder that there is no Young Scholars after school program for the remainder of this school year.

If your child turns five years old by August 31st, 2021, they are eligible to start kindergarten. 

To register, go to: