5th Grade Cap and Gown Photoshoot

Dear 5th Grade Students and Parents:


We hope you and your family are doing well.  We miss all our students and regret that we were not able to have a traditional end of the school year for our students.  We know this is especially difficult for our 5th graders.


Our teachers and administration have come up with an idea to make the end of your child’s time here at Forest City – Dunbar special under the current circumstances.  Forest City – Dunbar has traditionally held a cap and gown graduation ceremony for 5th graders.  Although we will NOT be able to hold this ceremony due to health and safety guidelines, we do want to provide the opportunity for each 5th grader to wear and be photographed in a cap and gown.  A printed copy of this photo, the certificate of "Completion of Elementary Studies," and other end of year items will be available for pickup when your child's iPad is returned.  iPad return date has not been specifically set, but will likely be the week of June 8.


The photograph sessions will be made on an individual basis, with students having scheduled times to arrive.  Below are specific directions and guidelines for this event:


  • Pictures will be taken at the Forest City – Dunbar sign at the entry of the parking lot.
  • Arrive at your assigned time and REMAIN IN YOUR CAR until a staff member directs you to exit your car.  We cannot exceed more than 10 people in the area at one time.
  • Your child will be given a cap and gown to wear over their clothes for the picture.  Be aware that we will disinfect each cap and gown set between students wearing them in order to reduce the likelihood of cross contamination.
  • All visitors are encouraged to wear face-covering during your time on campus.  We will obviously not require students to wear face covering during the pictures.
  • Social distancing of at least 6 feet will be required throughout the visit.  Staff will not be allowed to give hugs or make close contact.  The purpose of this photo shoot is to photograph students individually in the cap and gown.   The taking of group pictures, including pictures with students and teachers is discouraged.   Any pictures made with students and staff will have to demonstrate the minimum 6 foot social distancing. 
  • Please be on time.  DO NOT come to the school to be photographed at a time other than the one scheduled for you.  DO NOT come to be photographed if you have not a confirmed time.


Staff have gathered your child’s personal belongings that were left in lockers or in the classroom.  These items will be bagged and available for you to pick up during your photo shoot visit.


Below is a link to a Google Form to sign up for a time to bring your child to the school for their cap and gown photo shoot.  If you are not able to sign up using this form, please contact your child’s teacher for assistance.  Available times are on a first come, first serve basis.  Teachers will contact you to let you know you that your time submitted was confirmed. Click the link below to sign up.