5th Grade Half & Half Raffle

Forest City Dunbar’s fifth grade is sponsoring what will forever be known as the most EPIC Half and Half in all of Rutherford County history! In order to do so we are pre-selling tickets throughout the rest of September and October. The grand prize winner will be drawn at our school event on October 24th, 2019. (The event will be streamed through FB live, attendance is not necessary to win.)

We would LOVE for our fifth grade to be able to raise enough money so that we can take them on an end of year field trip that is truly unforgettable. We have so many grand ideas, but realize that they require one major obstacle…FUNDING! In order for this to be successful, we will need help from EVERYONE! Therefore we are asking, begging, and PLEADING that you consider supporting this fundraiser—the more participation we have, the greater the prize pot will grow! We will periodically post our current prize total so that you don’t squander this chance to become independently wealthy (or at least have a nice fall bonus)!

Thanks in advance for helping us give these kids an awesome experience and the memories of a lifetime!